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Announcement on Public Invitation for Public Announcement of Hardware Purchase of City West Middle School Pursuant to the "People’s Republic of China Government Procurement Law" and relevant laws, regulations, and regulations, the Shanghai Jing'an District Government Procurement Center is entrusted by the Jing'an District Education Bureau of Shanghai to the following items. To conduct domestic open tender procurement, specially invited qualified bidders to come to bid. I. Project Overview: 1. Project Name: City West Middle School Hardware Equipment Purchase Project 2. Tender No.: 2013-A0613, Purchase List: City West Middle School Hardware Equipment Procurement Item List No. Item Content Unit Quantity Remarks 1 New Core Switch Set 1 *Provide authorization certificate 2 Upgrade original core switch cover 1* Provide authorization certificate 3 Aggregation switch cover 6* Provide authorization certificate 4 Network management software cover 1* Provide authorization certificate 5 Campus touch inquiry machine 60* Provide authorization certificate 6 Wireless AP cover 140 * Providing authorization certificate 7 Wireless controller kit 2* Providing authorization certificate 8POE switchboard 10* Providing authorization certificate 9 authentication and security management system kit 1* Providing authorization certificate 10 Depth service routing switching gateway kit 1* Providing authorization certificate 11 Storage system ( a) Set of 1* Providing authorization certificate 12 Storage system (2) Set 1* Providing authorization certificate 13 Backup software kit 1* Providing authorization certificate 14 Virtual tape library cover 1* Providing authorization certificate 15 Unified storage platform switch cover 1* Providing authorization certificate 16 Virtualization Platform Software Suite 1* Provide Authorization Certification 17 Virtualization Platform Security Management Software Suite 1* Provide Authorization Certificate 18 Blade server (set of 2 each) Set of 2* Provide authorization certificate 19 Unified communications platform set 1* Provide authorization certificate 20LCD splicing screen cover 1* Provide authorization certificate Note: Bid quotations should include parts and accessories (such as fiber jumpers, etc.) Fees, if not listed, are considered to have been included in the total price. The specific content and requirements of the project can be found in the bidding documents. 2. Qualified bidders must meet the following conditions: 1. The supplier meets the provisions of Article 22 of the 'People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law.' 2. According to the 'Measures for the Registration and Integrity of Shanghai's Government Procurement Suppliers (Provisional)' 》Registered suppliers; 3. Must have an independent legal personality, and have a corresponding scope of business; 4, With strong economic strength, good reputation, in this city has a fixed office space, professional technical force , Can provide good technical support and after-sales service support capabilities, no bad operating records in three years; 5, registered capital of not less than 10 million yuan (including 10 million yuan), with more than three years of relevant sales experience; 6, with information The Ministry of Industry issued a computer information system integration level of more than (including grade) qualifications; 7, network switches, touch inquiry machines, wireless AP, wireless controllers, routing switching gateways, storage systems, storage system platform switches, virtualization software, Blade server, unified communication platform, LCD splicing screen, the above content shall provide an original factory warranty of not less than 3 years and provide Original service commitment letter of the original manufacturer; 8. Smart campus construction is divided into software and infrastructure construction (bidding number: 2013-C038) and hardware equipment (bidding number: 2013-A061) in two parts, including the software and infrastructure construction of the bid The manufacturer is responsible for the overall integration of the project (including the integration of hardware devices). The hardware winning bidder must cooperate with the software winning bidder to implement the project's overall integration implementation. 9. The project does not accept the bid of the Commonwealth. 3. Bidders who meet the above conditions need to bring in the following registration: 1. One copy of business license, tax registration certificate and organization code certificate, and one copy; 2. Shanghai Municipal Government Procurement Supplier Registration and Integrity Management (Provisional) 'Measures' has been registered and verified as a member supplier's certification materials (website:) (printed in the website or printed in screenshots); 3. A copy of the letter of inquiries issued by the procuratorial agency on the results of bribery crime files and a copy of the letter of intent. (4) One copy of the original letter of authorization of the legal representative; (5) One copy of the original ID card of the authorized representative; (6) One copy of the qualification certificate and copy of the computer information system; (7) The final production (manufacturing) manufacturer. To participate in the bidding, production (manufacturing) certification materials must be provided. Agents must participate in the bidding with the authorization certificate issued by the final production (manufacturing) manufacturer for the project. Please bring along the original and a copy of the application. 8. 2010-2012 three-year annual financial statements (effective copy) ★Note: All materials provided above must be stamped with official seals. IV. Other explanations 1. The bidder’s qualification will be obtained after the preliminary examination. 2. All matters must be submitted on the spot in writing and no other methods are accepted. V. Time and place of application for preliminary examination, receipt of bids, on-site survey, and Q\u0026A briefing session: 1. Application for initial examination and receipt of bids: From July 31, 2013 to August 15, 2013 (Monday to Friday, every day 9:00 to 11:00 and 14:00 to 16:00) Please bring your own U disk. Registration Location: 2nd Floor, No. 5, Lane 658, Xikang Road, Jing'an District 2. Field Reconnaissance and Q\u0026A Conference Time: 14:00 (Beijing time), August 19, 2013 Venue: 404 Yuyuan Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China Main entrance collection) 6. Deadline for submission and opening of bids 1. Deadline for submission of bids: At 14:00 on September 4, 2013 (Beijing time) 2. Opening time and place: Opening time: September 4, 2013 14: 00:00 (Beijing time) Place for Bid Opening: 4th Floor, No. 5, Lane 658, Xikang Road VII.

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