CalendarOne partners with domain-knowledge consulting firms, systems integrators, independent software companies, distribution and technology organizations to create and extend high-value solution offerings to our clients. Our objective is to value-add our solutions and services with our partners' area of expertise and delivery capabilities to ensure successful development, implementation, and distribution of an integrated and complete solutions that exceed customer expectations. 
CalendarOne Partner Program allows our partners to engage and work with us in the following areas;   

Strategic Partnership - Partners whose products and services complement and value-add CalendarOne product offerings in delivering a vertical industry application or domain knowledge centric solution to the clients.

Channel Partnership - Partners that value-add, package and resell CalendarOne's products and services.

Infrastructure Partnership - Major infrastructure technology providers that ensure compatibility and supporting platform for CalendarOne to support and create broader solutions and services to our customers.


Distribution Partnership - Partners that provide a convenient alternative source for prospects to acquire CalendarOne's products and services.

For more information on CalendarOne Partnership Program, please email your enquiries to: