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BDDB - Better Data Driven Business
The Better Data Driven Business (BDDB) is an IMDA-led programme that seek to help SMEs gain deeper consumer insights and scale up their businesses through responsible use of data. 

For more info on BDDB, please click here

With BDDB capabilities, SMEs will be able to achieve the following :

  1.  Learn to use data to generate insights,​​

  2.  Apply and share data for more complex purposes. 


CalendarOne CRM Solution, in conjuction with IMDA Business Intelligence (BI) Tool, provide BDDB capabilities in following areas:

  1.  Grow products and services sales

  2.  Acquire new customers

  3.  Retain and engage your customers


CalendarOne CRM BDDB capabilities are delivered as follows



BDDB listing pic rev2.png
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