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Artificial Intelligence

Gen AI Assistant Solution


CalendarOne Generative AI Assistant Solution is suite of plug-ins that is designed to increase customer engagement and satisfaction, improve backend productivity and enhance management decision-making through visualization and understanding of relevant data. The AI capabilities can be seamlessly integrated to CalendarOne CRM solution. It can also be offer as plug-ins to 3rd party solutions via API integration.

The modules and functions of Gen AI Assistant solution include:

  • Content Creation

Generate useful and original content based on user prompt/ queries. This application can be used for various tasks, for example auto email content creation and response to customer’s query.

  • AI Chatbot

Increase customer engagement by responding and providing real-time information base on customer’s preferences and inputs.

  • Process automation

Customized auto process workflow automation and business process management, via user prompt and conversation.

  • Data visualization

Generate customized and free form statistics and performance trends based on user prompt and conversation.


The value propositions and benefits of Gen AI Assistant solution include:

  • Improve customer service

Thro intelligent chatbot and automatic responses, customers received targeted information and updates real-time

  • Increase productivity

Thro increase level of tasks and process automation and useability, and greater reduction of manual process, thus eliminating more manual entries, tasks, errors and frauds

  • Increase profitability

Thro clearer and more user customized data visualization of critical business performance trends/statistics, it enables users to better manage and adjust their product offerings with higher success rate and retain customers

  • Reduce error

Gen AI reduce human error in the processes. For example, it can be used to ensure that training materials are accurate and up-to-date.

  • Enhanced decision-making

Gen AI will allow users to make better decisions by providing better insights into data and trends.

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