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CalendarOne Resource Management solution enables our clients to proactively schedule and manage various type of resources centrally, optimize resources usage and increase users’ convenience. The Resource Management solution include the following:

Facilities Management Solution 

The Facilities Management Solution (FMS) is a comprehensive web-based solution that enables you to proactively manage all type of resources, including rooms, equipment and collateral items. With FMS you can centrally schedule and manage all your resources, anytime anywhere.


The FMS functions include:

  • Resource creation, update, deletion

  • Resource scheduling and posting

  • Resource booking and enquiry

  • Parameterized booking rules

  • Booking notifications and reminders

  • Waiting list, Recurrent and block booking

  • Billing, receipt processing

  • Resource management reports


Conference Management Solution

The Conference Management Solution (CMS) is a comprehensive web-based solution that enables you to plan, schedule and manage conferences and collateral resources, like paper submission and itinerary registration. With CMS you can centrally and proactively manage your conferences, anytime anywhere.


Registration Module includes these features and functions:

  • Conference Configuration / Setup

  • Registration Forms Setup for Conference, Personal, Hotel, Tour, etc

  • Customize Email Messages

  • Committee Members Setup

  • Delegate Update Option

  • Minutes/Budget/Workplan Upload

  • Registration Reports

  • Registration Summary Report


Abstract / Paper Management Module includes these features and functions:

  • Abstract / Paper Topic Setup

  • Abstract Submission Form

  • Paper Submission Form

  • Co-author Submission Form

  • Reviewer Setup

  • Reviewer Group Setup

  • Online Abstract / Paper Submission

  • Online Reviews by Reviewer/ Reviewer Group

  • Online Finalisation by Chief Reviewer

  • Abstract / Paper Submission Status Report

  • Abstract / Paper Submission Summary Report

  • Download to Excel 


Clients include:

  • NParks

  • HomeTeamNS

  • HP Clubhouse

  • MOH


  • Civil Service Club

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