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CalendarOne Event management solution enables our clients to manage their time-sensitive events and resources efficiently, increase events exposure and participation and increase users’ productivity by streamlining events management processes. 

CalendarOne Event management solution is a web-based solution that not only allows you to quickly and easily administer your events and resources online, but also lets you reach out to major regional sites to garner additional marketing mileage for public events, through a unique link-up feature to CalendarOne Events Guide 

The Event Management solution offers in-depth events management functions including :

Event Setup

  • Events mode and templates selection

  • Events creation, update and edit

  • Events categorization and grouping

  • Events scheduling and publishing

  • A unique feature to share events to CalendarOne Events Guide

Event Resources Mgmt

  • Events' resources set up and scheduling

  • Events' resources bookings

Event Registration Mgmt

  • Events registration and enquiry creation

  • Dynamic registration forms creation

  • Various form fields' type and selection

  • Events' collaterals and products listing

  • Events' payment, billing and receipt 

  • Capture, notification and tracking of events' registrants and participants

  • Events participants list and attendance taking

Event Notifications

  • Events' alerts via email and SMS

  • Events' mailing list setup and mass mailing

Events' Client Mgmt

  • Events clients and prospects profile

  • Events' client's enquiry, proposal and quotation tracking


Management Reports

  • Various and customizable reports with filter and sort option

  • Events listings in a different view 

  • Registration and participants report

  • Events hit-list report

  • Events and resources utilization report

System Admin Functions

  • User's and user-role access rights setup

  • Work-flow approval process


Clients include:

  • Gardens by the Bay

  • Temasek Polytechnic

  • Keppel Club

  • IE Singapore

  • A*STAR

  • Parliament House

  • PMO - NPTD

  • HomeTeamNS

  • NParks

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